21 Days

21 Days

Hi!  I’m back!  Look for more posts coming as I get back into three big passions of mine: writing, inspiring, and growing with others.  Recently, I joined a community of woman wanting to live more simply. While I have JUST joined and therefore cannot completely endorse them I do want to give them and this […]

Back in the Game

  My last post was September 8, 2014.  On September 9th our world was flipped upside down when 2 lines appeared on a dollar store pregnancy test (for the record it was accurate…you can save money by not buying the expensive ones).  Pregnant.  Something we never imagined could happen to us without the use of […]

Pandora’s Box

Photo Credit My husband, Shawn, recently posted this on his Facebook page: “I don’t think a venue should be forced to serve anybody. They have the right to deny customers especially when it goes against their religious beliefs. Apparently the government of my “fine” state doesn’t see it that way.”  This was said in regards […]

Our Week in Pictures

I’m a documenter of lives.  My life.  My children’s lives.  I have a separate journal for each child, which is technically a composition notebook.  The triplets were newborns when their’s were started, which made Evie 3.  I’ve done a project called “week in the life” where I become even more intentional about documenting our everyday […]