A Change of Heart

Phew!  48 hours finished!  Will they be the hardest of the next 21 days?  Time will tell.  It has NOT been easy. Life has thrown me every curveball it can think of to challenge me from family drama, to finances, to computer failures, to water in the basement and everything in between.  I can tell you that I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and about complaining.  1. Complaining is a HUGE part of my everyday conversations and how IRead More

21 Days

Hi!  I’m back!  Look for more posts coming as I get back into three big passions of mine: writing, inspiring, and growing with others.  Recently, I joined a community of woman wanting to live more simply. While I have JUST joined and therefore cannot completely endorse them I do want to give them and this course, A Simple Year, credit for this challenge as part of my June “homework.” Now this is where I get real. I complain. A lot.Read More

Why you can never have enough patience

Photo Credit: Flickr   I am an impatient person.  I frequently get frustrated at life, my kids, my husband, and myself.  With this, I most often start out my day with prayers for patience and then as each interaction with life happens where I lose my ever-loving-mind over a small or large infraction alike, I pray for patience.  Does this happen to you?  How often are you praying for patience?  However, despite all of my prayers, I was not achievingRead More

My 16 Goals for 2015-2016

August 2, 2015 2015-2016, Discipline, Goals

I know we are already over half way through this year, yet it is never too late to set goals.  I’ve read and heard over and over again in how important goal setting is.  Goal setting itself (at least in a basic sense) is easy, “lose weight.”  However, to really achieve a goal it first has to be realistic (lose 15 lbs vs. lose 115 lbs), specific (lose 15 lbs with xyz diet plan in 6 months) and finally broken down into bite size pieces (forRead More

When the Devil Laughs

If you remember from this post, our mini van’s A/C had been not functioning and we decided rather then to buy a new van, we would deal with the heat.  Graciously my parents paid approximately $1000 to fix it for us in August of 2014 and we enjoyed the cool breeze throughout the rest of summer.  Fast forward to this summer and our A/C was once again not cooling as it should.  We added freon and all was well…for aRead More

Back in the Game

July 12, 2015 Uncategorized

  My last post was September 8, 2014.  On September 9th our world was flipped upside down when 2 lines appeared on a dollar store pregnancy test (for the record it was accurate…you can save money by not buying the expensive ones).  Pregnant.  Something we never imagined could happen to us without the use of medical assistance.  Nine months later and our 5th child, Hazel Joy, was born into our family.  Another gift from God and loved beyond words.  GloryRead More

Paycheck to Paycheck

September 8, 2014 Compassion

There are days and months when it seems like financially we make no forward progress.  We are not incurring new debt in regards to credit cards or loans but we have had to bring in Ella once to the ER (she’s tip top now) and today to Urgent Care for a corneal abrasion (aka scratch on her eye).  It can feel defeating. Then I get a letter.  A letter from our Compassion Sponsered child, Erick, who lives in a region inRead More

Pandora’s Box

September 5, 2014 Living Beyond Yourself

Photo Credit My husband, Shawn, recently posted this on his Facebook page: “I don’t think a venue should be forced to serve anybody. They have the right to deny customers especially when it goes against their religious beliefs. Apparently the government of my “fine” state doesn’t see it that way.”  This was said in regards to this article: “Same-sex couple, wedding venue settle discrimination case” which was reported on by KSTP and then picked up by multiple news sites. HisRead More

Our Week in Pictures

August 22, 2014 Our Life

I’m a documenter of lives.  My life.  My children’s lives.  I have a separate journal for each child, which is technically a composition notebook.  The triplets were newborns when their’s were started, which made Evie 3.  I’ve done a project called “week in the life” where I become even more intentional about documenting our everyday lives.  I started this when it was just Evelyn and do it every year.  Among pictures of the kids are pictures of our filled dishwasher,Read More

The Best Laid Plans

August 22, 2014 Motivation

Photo Credit I had the day all planned.  Despite a few morning appointments and a quick stop to pick up a few on-sale school items, the afternoon was FREE of outside obligations.  I had some chores to get done and of course homeschooling, but Thursday is park/library day.  The day the kids and I love as we enjoy the swings, slides, and then beat the heat with time in the library.  The kids love it and we have our specialRead More

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